Monday, August 29, 2011

Evaluating Leadership

Several months ago as I was walking in a somewhat discouraging season as a leader I spent some time trying to discern the right questions to help me evaluate my leadership at BCM. I came up with these 6 basic questions that I keep before me and go back to consistently. I am sure there are a bunch of other great questions out there, but I have found that theses help me evaluate my leadership.

Another thing I am doing with these questions is sharing them with those I am leading. I do that as a way to help them give me feedback. I really want our students to succeed and I know huge part of that flows from my faithful, clear, consistent, moldable, loving leadership.

Remember that for me, these questions all flow out of a simple vision at Clemson, “Cooperate with God in making multiplying disciples of Jesus at Clemson University.” But, whatever your context of leadership may be I hope they are helpful and make sense.

Leadership Questions

1) Is it clear where I am pursuing to lead us? Clear to me? Clear to those I am leading.

2) Are our vision/mission/goals easily understood in practical terms? Do those I am leading know what to do and why they are doing it?

3) Are my expectations clear and realistic as it relates to the leadership ability? Can they do what they need to do? Am I holding them accountable for what they need to do?

4) What are we producing? Is our fruit consistently moving closer to reflecting our long term vision?

5) Am I doing my best at what I do best? Do I know what that is? Am I ok with it?

6) Do I love them for who they are more than for what they do? Do I view them as brothers and sister or workers? How am I guarding against reducing them from people with souls to producers of goods?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thoughts for Prayer


On August the 10th at 10 a.m. for 10 minutes, people all over our nation and world will be praying for the college students headed to campus this fall. What is beautiful is that there several time zones represented in our prayers so it is really more than 10 minutes. God loves when His people pray and hope that we will have the heart of Is. 62:1-7 as we pray (check it out! It is beautiful).

I have written a few thoughts below to help give a little guidance to your prayer. Use them if you would like or just pray however you are led. I do encourage you to pray for specific people and campuses.

10 minutes will go by fast….so, keep praying if you have the time.


That they would honor and value Jesus Christ above all things.
Everyday students are bombarded with the opportunity to “exchange the glory of God for a lie”. That temptation may come in the form of an unhealthy relationship to believing that pursuing money will be more satisfying than knowing Jesus Christ. Pray that they would be worshippers of Jesus alone.
That they would live a life of sacrificial love.
Jesus told His disciples that the world would know they were His by the quality of their love for one another. Pray that the Christians on campus would be united in love for each other as Jesus prayed, “that they may be one even as We are.” Pray this so that those on campus who do not know Jesus would be able to see that Jesus is real.
That many who do not know Jesus would come to know Him.
Jesus told the disciples to pray, “Your Kingdom come…” This is a prayer for the rule and authority of Jesus to be manifest in people through them believing the gospel. His desire is for more people to know Him, love Him, and follow Him. Pray for the lost to be saved.
That they would persevere in trials.
Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would remain strong when he was tested. College students face every temptation imaginable on the campus. Pray that their faith would remain and that God would grant them victory over trials and temptations.
That they would be used to change the world.
I believe that all Christian college students are “workers for the harvest”. We need to pray that they would see themselves as world changers/disciple makers and be obedient to God’s call to the mission field they are on. Pray that they would be used to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth through their time on campus.

In the end we want to see God move in ways that cannot be explained by man. I pray that God would awaken all of us to His glory and the beauty of following Him with everything we have.

"Father, glorify Your Name" - Jesus, John 12:28

Jer. 33:3