Wednesday, August 4, 2010


When I say the word "frustration" in relationship to disciple making you may have thoughts like:

"I get so frustrated that he/she won't listen."
"It is taking so long for them to get what I am saying."
"I am so frustrated with the one I am discipling that I wonder if I should just move on."
"They are making me so mad because..."

I want to challenge your thinking about frustration. One simple challenge is this. Most of the time when we are frustrated with those we discple it is selfish frustration. We get frustrated because they do not do what WE want. The is us centered.

But, that is not really the challenge I want to give here. Over my next few posts (I know it has been a while) I hope to expose ways that we as disciplers frustrate those we disciple. Maybe you have never had that thought. None of us are perfect at disciple making and this can cause those we are investing in to get frustrated with us. But we don't see their frustration and our error because we think too highly of ourselves. We may not say it out loud but it is easy to put all the blame on the ones we are pouring into and not take any of the "credit" ourselves.

So get ready to hear about ways that I have frustrated people...

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  1. Great post Doug, Thanks for the challenge...